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Welcome to our new website and blog.  Our goal is to post content that is spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking.  We do not want to use this platform to be divisive, contentious, dogmatic, or controversial in any way.  Silly arguments are silly.  Opinions are opinions.  Traditions are traditional.  The world needs Christ.  And Christ needs Christians to be united in our purpose to teach Him to the world.

Some posts will be long.  Some will be short.  Some will be well-researched and others will be quick hits.  Our goal in all them, however, is to bring the reader (and the writer) encouragement to grow closer to Christ.  We live in a world that often rejects the truth of Jesus Christ.  We are surrounded by temptation.  It often feels difficult and lonely to live a Christ-like life.  We need daily prayer, meditation, and encouragement from each other.  Even if it’s in a very small way, we hope our thoughts and words will be a part of that encouragement and inspiration.

We welcome you to share in our blog with a spirit of harmony.  If you have any comments, questions, or would like to submit any content please let us know.

Let us all give Glory and Thanksgiving to God in all things.

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